May 2023

Light is rhythm and emotion. Interview with Francesca Zerilli.

April 2023

Light gives identity to my sculptures. Interview with Andrea Gandini.

April 2023

The light that has the sea inside

March 2023

Light. Balance and harmony for visuals. Interview with Massimiliano Sagrati.

January 2023

Light, decoration for environments.

December 2022

Five professionals, five visions of Light.

November 2022

Light plays such a significant role. Inteview with Danilo Giovannozzi.

October 2022

Light, my working tool. Interview with Emanuele Vona.

September 2022

I’m obsessed with Light. Interview with Stefano Compagnucci.

August 2022

Light is to give life to sensations. Interview with Adriano Caputo.

June 2022

Luci Ombre is on Artribune.

June 2022

A new way to design and communicate light. Interview with Roberto Zecchinelli.