Metamorfosi Marmoree: La Nuvola gallery inaugurates Reinhard Pfingst’s first solo exhibition

Opening Friday 14 June at 6pm until 24 June, Via Margutta 41 (RM)

La Nuvola gallery in Via Margutta is pleased to host exclusively, on Friday 14 June 2024 at 6 pm, the first solo exhibition of Reinhard Pfingst (Brühl, 1961), entitled Metamorfosi Marmoree, curated by Alice Falsaperla and with critical texts by Anna Imponente and Eva Bellini. The German author elaborates, within the contemporary artistic context, a new concept of formal complexity and ideal contemplation, through a noble material such as marble
Pfingst’s sculptures take on aspects of their own lyricism and musical belonging. The artist attempts to restore multiple “forms of harmony” to the public, through sinuous and utopian creations, inducing them to wonder and meditation, as in a “Japanese garden” that narrates the ancient origins of the author.   

«From Roman travertine to white marble or Carrara arabesque, Pfingst’s sculptural production envisages an innovative combination between historicity, conferred by the antiquity of the support used, and contemporaneity, entrusted to the power of abstraction. These are pure, fleshy or thread-like conformations, far from any subjectivity or figuration, except for the evocations suggested by the title», explains Alice Falsaperla in the dedicated critical text.

The event, sponsored by the Municipality of Rome Capitaland by Energies for Visual Art (EVA), in collaboration with M’Arte Scultura studio, has multiple highlights: from an urban point of view, the rediscovery of a new artistic reality and planning within the City. If today the rhythm of modernity is based on speed, the author’s production proposes a condition of aesthetic and mental calm. The author also uses marble to recreate dedicated places, suitable for an immersive action on the part of the user, through an experience of grace and refinement, in the stability with which it manifests itself. This is an attempt to stage a “poetic point”, a concept conceived by Pfingst himself, aimed at creating ideal spaces in which to reflect, “to imitate a shadow beyond the dust, / a flower that perpetuates its silence”. (Andrea Orlandi)  

Added to this is an overall multidisciplinarity, suggested by the collaboration of the historic space in Via Margutta with the Italian brand Fili Pari, the innovative “Fashion-Tech” startup which creates sustainable textile solutions starting from marble dust, placing itself here in a dialogue between three dimensions and chiaroscuro, in a new use of matter and light, worn by models for the occasion.  The lighting design of the exhibition is entrusted to the Luci Ombre studio, a team of architects, designers, planners and technicians who make lighting your source of inspiration.  

From a cultural point of view, the exhibition will offer, until June 24, the opportunity to admire, for the first time in an art gallery, the production of the German artist, recently awarded by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). 150 / 5.000 The aim of the exhibition is to present the sculptor’s production, from the design on paper to the work of art completed in marble.